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Frank Ziovas

Frank has a hunger for ensuring his team treat their clients like partners offering the highest level of industry experience, customer service and professionalism,

Associate Partner

Kon Kirya

Kon is a BDM who works with our clients to help them create bespoke solutions that help them cut costs while providing exceptional service.

Senior Business Development Manager

Despina Veselinovski

As Business Development Manager, Despina is responsible for discovering opportunities and connecting with customers to provide them with winning solutions. She believes customers are an integral part of our business and strives to deliver outstanding service. 
Prior to joining Praxis Comm, Despina worked as a Senior Business Development Manager and Counsel in the Legal sector. She has also worked as a Lawyer in private practice and in-house where she gained valuable experience representing clients in Court, drafting documents and successfully negotiating settlements.
Despina has written numerous legal articles that have been published in newspapers and the AIC National Magazine. She is also passionate about presenting and has been a speaker in several conferences, both in Australia and internationally.
Despina graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2003 with a double degree in Law and Commerce, having majored in Marketing Management.


Marketing & Advertising

Tabz Niaz

Tabz is originally from London and is currently residing in Melbourne. She’s passionate about writers, books, and getting good ideas off the ground.

Junior Business Development Manager

Ayasha Shrestha

Coming Soon.
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